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The Land of the Word and Poetry

Verbaros (original name Wortwelten) is a collection of my poems since 1986. It has been present on the WWW – at various places – since 1996. Unfortunately, the muse has been on vacation quite often in recent years. Hence, the collection hardly grows anymore. I will announce new poems at the bottom of this page should my muse finally get back to me...

Verbaros currently consists of four cycles "Ireland", "Ireland 2", "Janosch" and "Techno" plus a number of single poems. Almost all poems were written in German or English – my Dutch is not yet up to that task. But I am certain that will change at some point.

I have written some annotations for the cycles and some of the other poems. If you are interested, you can have a look at Annotations.

Feel free to mail me any comments you have!

All poems are © by Thomas Ribbrock and are licensed under a Creative Commons License.

News from Verbaros

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At long last, I have added a few more poems to Verbaros:

All five of them were written between 2000 and 2012.

Category: Verbaros
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After having presented the "Single Poems" in an "intuitive" order up until now, I decided that these days I'd rather see them in chronological order. While re-ordering, I also split the single, very long page into three: Single Poems 1986-1995Single Poems 1996-1999 and Single Poems 2000-today. The latter is kind of shortish, but I've rediscovered several poems from the 2000s, so there is more to come...