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Welcome to TRi's World

Welcome, dear traveller, to my small, virtual world! Not all of its parts are discovered and mapped yet, but my quest to do so is still ongoing, albeit slowly and not in all three languages (Dutch, English, German) at the same time.

You can find the parts that have been mapped already in the menu on the lefthand side. The names may seem strange - but that is to be expected in strange worlds... However, if you let your mouse hover about a name, a short description should become visible. Also, under "The Map", there is an overall 'map' for this world available.

Please enjoy your journey in this little world!


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Category: Computer
Posted by: admin
The latest addition: A Javastation 1. Also, I've re-painted Sparcla and added the first few links to fotos.
Category: Computer
Posted by: admin
I got another SPARCstation 5/170 (this time with S24 frame buffer) and a SPARCserver 10 with two ROSS CPUs… :-) See Sparcla for more.