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wmSMPmon is a Window Maker Dock Application that displays the following information about the system:

  • Current CPU utilization of up to two CPUs
  • On dual CPU systems, three different styles for the utilization graph are available.
  • Up to two minutes history of CPU utilization
  • Current memory usage
  • Current swap usage
  • Currently supports Linux kernel 2.2, 2.4 and 2.6


20/02/2006: Still alive!
Anybody who tried to visit this site last week might have wondered where it went... Unfortunately, I had a little server problem - and of course this happened while I was away... Anyway, I'm back up and running again!
07/11/2005: wmSMPmon 3.1 released!
This is a bugfix release. It fixes the bug found by John Schmerge (wmSMPmon crashes when no swap is present).
11/10/2005: Bug found in wmSMPmon 3.0
John Schmerge has reported a bug that causes wmSMPmon to crash if no swap partitions are present. As a work-around, you can start wmSMPmon with wmSMPmon -no-swap. The program will then not attempt to monitor swap, thus avoiding the crash.
This bug will of course be fixed in the next version, however, due to time constraints, this might take a bit...
24/07/2005: wmSMPmon 3.0 released!
It finally happened: wmSMPmon 3.0 has been released and I finally finished this little website (well, almost - a few changes might still happen...).
This is the first release by the new maintainer: Thomas Ribbrock. Of course, this would not have been possible without all the work that the original maintainer RedSeb already has spent on this little program. Thanks for that - and thank you for letting me take over!