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The Mutt RPM Team: mutt RPMs

``All mail clients suck. This one just sucks less.''
- Michael Elkins (original Mutt "Inventor"), circa 1995

It's dead Jim!

If you've been to this site in the past years, you will have noticed that there is nothing going on anymore. Yes, that's right, even though I'm sorry to admit it: It's dead. As I don't have any more time left to spend on this, there will definitely be no more updates. In addition, there is hardly any need to package mutt these days - all major distributions stay up-to-date with the development versions of mutt and usually include things like "compressed folders" and more out-of-the-box, so the old "muttix" packages don't have much to offer anymore.

I shall leave the existing pages in place for now for historical reasons, but that will be it. Sorry folks, and thanks to all who helped in the past to make this happen while it lasted!


Mutt is a small but very powerful text-based MIME mail client. Mutt is highly configurable, and is well suited to the power user with advanced features like key bindings, keyboard macros, mail threading, regular expression searches and a powerful pattern matching language for selecting groups of messages.
For more information, see the Mutt Home Page.

The Mutt RPM Team used to be a small group of volunteers dedicated to providing RPMs for our favourite mail program on our favourite Linux distributions. This group effort got started some time shortly before mutt 1.0.x was released and died a slow death some time between 2005 and 2009.

The (S)RPMs

All our (S)RPMs can be found via the navigation menu to the left (at the top for Lynx users).


11/11/2009: Officially declared dead!

See disclaimer above…

16/07/2005: Web Site Overhaul

As some of you may have noticed, there have been a few problems with this site in the past few days. This was due to me revamping my whole site. Hopefully, everything is working again. I have more plans (e.g. I want to add a section for mutt 1.5.x), but my time is extremely limited, so I'm not making any promises… :-(

21/11/2004: mutt RPMs for Aurora Sparc Linux 2 (1.92)

Thomas just added RPMs for Aurora Sparc Linux 2 (1.92)

16/02/2004: mutt RPMs for RHL 7.x

Thanks to Dominik, we now also have new RPMs for Red Hat Linux 7.x

16/02/2004: First mutt RPMs have arrived!

Yes, the first RPMs for mutt are available: We've started off with RPMs for Aurora Sparc Linux 1.x and Fedora Core 1 (NEW!).
IMPORTANT: mutt 1.4.1 contains a security bug (see The Mutt Home Page for more information) - please make sure to upgrade to mutt as soon as possible!

  • Please note that from this release on, our RPMs will have SSL enabled as per default. Our SRPMs have code to support non-SSL builds, so you can build such an RPM yourself. If we get enough requests, we'll probably consider providing non-SSL RPMs as well. Please let Thomas know!
  • Also, Red Hat Linux 6.x will no longer be supported, due to lack of maintainer.

15/02/2004: mutt RPMs are on the way!
No, we're not dead… There are still some RPM teamers out there and yes, we are busy with mutt Coming soon…
However, we still need help! Fedora Core 1, Aurora Sparc Linux 1.0, Red Hat Linux 7.3 and Red Hat Linux 8 are already catered for, but if you own a machine with SuSE 8.x/9.x or Red Hat Linux 9 and have time on your hands to help us, please give us a shout. THANK YOU!
24/03/2003: Release 2 of mutt 1.4.1 RPMs - still need help!
Due to a bug in our scripts, the RPMs for Aurora Sparc Linux did not include the translation files for non-English languages. Therefore, we made a second release with this bug corrected. Only Aurora users might want to upgrade, at least, if they want to use languages other than English. All other users don't need to upgrade.
And we still need folks to help with other distros!
21/03/2003: mutt 1.4.1 RPMs released - need help!
We're pleased to announce that we've uploaded the first RPMs for mutt 1.4.1! There are more to follow. BTW: We urgently need someone who is willing to take over the RHL 8.x or Mandrake support!
21/03/2003: mutt 1.4.1 RPMs in the Making!
We're busy with getting the RPMs for mutt 1.4.1 out - watch this space!
20/03/2003: Big Changes Ahead!
  • Linuxatwork has deserted us. They've taken down without even noticing us - nor did they respond to any mails sent to them. They've been a great help in the past, but this behaviour is just plain rude. As a consequence, "Muttix" will be hosted on Thomas' own server ( in the future. The downside of this is that the connection isn't very fast - our appologies for this!
  • Further, the "Woodsoup" site has now officially been declared dead. I will make the SRPM for mutt-1.0 available on this site as well, but not all the RPMs themselves.
  • As a result of these changes, I've restructured the web site a bit. Legacy support (i.e. older versions) has shrunk considerably. Also, be aware that some of the RPMs might not be local to this server, but are stored elsewhere - this is again due to resource limitations.
04/07/2002: Yes, we're still alive!
Ok, it has been quiet - sorry! Thomas is still on holidays, so no news on the website… He'll be back on 10/07/2002 and hopefully things will pick up again thereafter…

29/05/2002: mutt 1.4i RPMs released!
First action after I'm back: Get those RPMs on the site…

21/05/2002: Thomas is back!
I will never make any estimates about renovating anymore, promise… :-) It took much longer than anticipated, but I'm back, so this page should get updated again - and just in time, seeing the developments!

30/01/2002: Main Site Mutt RPM Team in Freeze!
Due to Thomas being busy moving house, the main site of the Mutt RPM Team will be frozen for at least the coming two weeks. For the latest updates, please refer to our Mirror Site!

28/01/2002: mutt 1.3.27i RPMs released!
RPMs for mutt-1.3.27i are now available on this site! Please note that it will take a while before we'll be able to provide the full choice of distros you're used to from our mutt-1.2 series, but in due time we'll get there…

28/01/2002: Mutt RPM Team Main Site on mutt-1.4!
Finally! Out main site has switched to mutt-1.4! Which means that we'll provide RPMs for the official mutt-1.3.x during the ramp-up to 1.4 on these pages. As soon as mutt-1.4.0 has been released, we'll move from the 1.3.x betas to the release version, so watch this space!
For those interested in the old mutt-1.2 RPMs, they can be found on our Mutt 1.2 site now. That site is mainly for archival purposes - we do no longer maintain mutt-1.2 RPMs. Should you see an urgent need for more up-to-date mutt-1.2 RPMs, please let us know!

21/01/2002: mutt 1.3.26i RPMs (Beta) released!
Beta-RPMs for mutt-1.3.26i can now be found on our Mutt BETA RPMs site.

07/01/2002: mutt 1.3.25i RPMs (Beta) released!
They're here - the first RPMs for mutt-1.3.25i.
Note: They're still release 0.1, hence beta, but we hope to release a "-1" RPM soon. Until then, you can find the Beta RPMs on our Mutt BETA RPMs site.

05/01/2002: mutt 1.3.25i delayed
Happy New Year everybody!
mutt 1.3.25i is out, but unfortunately, the compressed folder patch has not been updated yet, hence no RPMs yet. We'll keep an eye on things…

19/12/2001: mutt 1.3.24i finally arrived
I finally got round to add mutt-1.3.24i to our site. It's not in its final place on the main site yet, but still resides on our Mutt BETA RPMs site. This will hopefully change soon…

15/11/2001: Mirror Site Open
Thanks to David, we have a mirror site now! Check out

19/10/2001: Mutt RPM User Poll Results!
We've got the results - you can find them on the Mutt User Poll Results Page.

10/09/2001: Mutt RPM User Poll
To find out what RPMs are on the wishlists of mutt users, we started a "Mutt RPM User Poll". We're looking forward to see the outcome…

05/09/2001: Mutt BETA Program
As the next stable version of mutt is drawing closer, the RPM Team is slowly starting a BETA program. We'll be bulding RPMs for the Public Beta versions of mutt, i.e. those 1.3.x releases that are announced on the mutt-user mailing list.
These RPMs will be available at our BETA Site.
Please note that these RPMs are BETA - feedback is welcome, but use them at your OWN RISK!

More helping hands are always welcome! If you have a RPM based Linux system and if you have a bit of time at your hands, how about joining us in the effort to provide mutt RPMs for more distributions? If you feel like joining, please drop Thomas a note!

Last Updated: 22/11/2004