Versions by Thomas Ribbrock

Version Date Changes Source Files
3.1 7/11/2005
  • Fixed bug where wmSMPmon would crash if no swap is enabled/present on the system (thanks to John Schmerge for finding this!)
  • Added INSTALL file (thanks to Paul Johnson for reminding me)
3.0 25/7/2005
  • Improved processing of command line options - unknown options and missing parameters are now dealt with
  • wmSMPmon now properly supports single CPU machines! On a single CPU machine, the CPU load bar is drawn wider and only one graph style is supported.
  • man page improved and edited Makefile so man page will get installed as well
2.9.2 17/11/2004 Separated OS dependent code from rest of program to improve portability <never released>
2.9.1 3/11/2004 Adapted wmSMPmon to kernel 2.6, using code from top and procps. kernels 2.2, 2.4 and 2.6 are now supported. <never released>

Versions by RedSeb

Version Date Changes Source Files
2.3 10/3/2003 Patch from Alain Schröder: Added support for glibc 2.3.1 and remove of the "fake SMP" switch (now use auto detection). wmSMPmon-2.3.tar.gz
2.1 6/2/2000 Bug fixes and two new switches: "-smp-fake", to try wmSMPmon on a single CPU box, and "-no-swap", who disable swap monitoring. wmSMPmon-2.1.tar.gz
2.0 13/1/2000 New interface look. You can change the graph look by simply mouse-clicking on it, or with command-line option. wmSMPmon-2.0.tar.gz
1.5 10/1/2000 Data read system totaly rewroten by PhiR: CPU gain reach 50%. wmSMPmon-1.5.tar.gz
1.4 26/9/1999 Bug fixes and small optimization. wmSMPmon-1.4.tar.gz
1.2 19/8/1999 Command line options added (refresh rate). wmSMPmon-1.2.tar.gz