The annotations are divided into two groups: »Single Poems« and »Cycles«.

Single Poems

1. Mai

Written on a regrettably rainy and grey May 1st. The radio reports about the May Day demonstrations and the weather forecast pushes the begin of spring far, far away...


Poem for a person who had quite some trouble with a relationship at that time...


Inspired by the book "Aïn, de dood van een halfling" from the series De Kronieken van Ulriach de Waanzinnige by Atalanta Nèhmoura

Freier Flug

The old dream of flying – this way, it works...


About the feeling of going 'home' (= to my parent's place) and not being at home at all there (anymore) – and yet, somehow, it's still home...

Ich bin

A love poem by origin, it is still quite up-to-date, as it describes my attitude to life very well...


To a good friend of mine who made me aware of many of my own walls ('Mauern').

Mit Dir schweigen / Freundschaft II

The core of this poem (»Freundschaft«, not listed here) was written after many good converstations with a good friend of mine. The rest 'appeared' somehow later. The complete list of dates for writing this poem is therefore: 11/12/1994, 03/01/1995, 07/02/1995.

Mit Worten malen

<still to be translated>


Not much to say about this one – except that music in my eyes is one of the biggest and most magical gifts humanity has ever received.


<still to be translated>


<still to be translated>


Inspired by the song "For Alice" by the pagan-folk band Omnia

Vom Träumen träumen / Dreaming of Dreaming

<still to be translated>

Vergangenheit inKisten

<still to be translated>


In 2007, I discovered that "Weltenwanderer" had become part of the beautiful composition NetWork of Kate Meyer. Unfortunately, that composition seems to be no longer available online. However, at the time Kate gave me permission to place the image she used next to my poem here on my site, so in a way, it is still there.
It is definitely worthwhile to have a look at Kate's home page "Moments", as there are loads more great photos to be found!


I wrote this poem for the wedding of a cousin of mine – all the best for the road together!


<still to be translated>



The first 'Ireland Cycle': Timewise, it is spread over my two holidays in Ireland (1994 and 1995) and the time thereafter, and the time of my first research project in Cork (Octobre 1996 - January 1997). The writing of these poems was driven by the impressions of this beautiful country.
The cycle consists of:

»Fähre (Ferry)«
Was written on the ferry from Galway to the Árann-Islands
It should be obvious where this poem was written --- I was sitting on the huge wall of a medieval stone castle. The sun was shining and I had a great view across the sea right to the Cliffs of Moher!
Summarises the thoughts I had on the last evening of my 1994 holiday --- bittersweet melancholy...
Originates from the 1995 journey. It was written in a hostel called 'Corcreggan Mill' in Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal --- in my opinion, this was one place for people who are travelling with an open mind... Unfortunately, the hostel and the environment has become quite commercial in the past years --- consequently, hardly any of the original appeal is left...
»Coming Home«
Describes the odd feeling I had when I was on my way home in 1995, sitting at the central station of Düsseldorf and seeing this word 'Aachen' (my hometown at the time) on the display --- and it held absolutely no meaning for me...
This poem was written later, back home, and describes the nice feeling of having taken all the special things with me from Ireland...
»Keine Schwäne«
In memory of the last morning in Dunfanaghy, waiting for the bus back to Dublin...
»Keine Schwäne« was also written later.
»Seeker's Journey«
Written after an evening walk through the wet city of Cork. Germany is so far away...
This poem was influenced by Luka Bloom's song with the same name --- and by the feeling that so many things ahead are so uncertain...

Ireland 2

<still to be translated>


What I call the 'Janosch Cycle', was written after having read a bedtime story from the German author 'Janosch' (renowned for his children's books) to a vriend of mine.
It consists of:

  • »Farbenspiel«
  • »Walzer«
  • »Variationen über das Wort 'kindisch'«


<still to be translated>

News from Verbaros

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After only almost precisely nine years something new – Verbaros is four poems from the years 2016/2017 richer:

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At long last, I have added a few more poems to Verbaros:

All five of them were written between 2000 and 2012.

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After having presented the "Single Poems" in an "intuitive" order up until now, I decided that these days I'd rather see them in chronological order. While re-ordering, I also split the single, very long page into three: Single Poems 1986-1995Single Poems 1996-1999 and Single Poems 2000-today. The latter is kind of shortish, but I've rediscovered several poems from the 2000s, so there is more to come...